SMS Marketing

Attention: Why businesses want push notifications and location-based marketing?

“How to Take Advantage of SMS Marketing Because Of The High Penetration Of Smart Phones, Tablets and Mobile Devices In Australia?”

The increasing penetration of mobile devices is impacting our daily lives and businesses.

SMS usage, communication and interaction with customers is becoming increasingly more mobile.

The rise in mobile search means your business must get on the mobile map.

If your business isn’t on the mobile map, you are more-or-less invisible.

Can a business using SMS marketing almost halve the cost of their marketing campaign?

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Would you like to use push notifications and take advantage of data usage plans consumers have already paid for?

Would you like to target consumers and customise their mobile experiences via this data package use?

Whether you like it or not is immaterial, there are businesses already using SMS marketing:

  • Bars and Nightclubs – Send VIP passes, food or drink specials, special prizes, customers can instantly respond to offers
  • Restaurants – Build loyalty, upsell customers and drive foot traffic on slow nights 
  • Real Estate – Give house hunters instant access to property listings, easily communicate to set appointment 
  • Retail – Send coupons, sneak preview sales, exclusive offers directly to smart phones to drive purchases
  • Businesses – Cost effective and trackable results, it’s fast and efficient

Want to find out how to target audiences and mobile consumers by tapping into their location?


What if you could also take advantage of location-based technologies such as Google Places?

SMS marketing is all about being flexible and accessible via smart phones and mobile devices.

If your business is not using SMS marketing your competitors will be. Call Now 0468335767