Mobile Relevance

Attention: Business owners wanting to control their advertising costs…

“Why Mobile Is One Of The Most Cost Effective Ways To Market Your Product Or Service?

Have you written off your print media as an obsolete type of advertising?

Why use mobile relevance to gently push users from offline or print media to online media?

Print media can be used to strategically place mobile technology such as QR codes.

Print media via the integration of mobile is becoming more dynamic, interactive and appealing.

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Mobile users interact with a campaign which offers a discount, coupon, loyalty program or contest.

One or all of these can be integrated into your mobile marketing campaigns. Call Now 0468335767

Smart phones or pad devices allow instant engagement to draw consumers to your business.

Prospects from online traffic sources can be engaged initially from the use of print media.


When integrating mobile with print media use a clear call to action. Call Now 0468335767

A clear call to action means users know what they get in return for their interaction.

This is one of the most important factors in a cost effective print to mobile campaign.

Mobile relevance means opportunities for marketing are almost limitless. Call Now 0468335767