Mobile Marketing Strategies

Attention: Business owners is mobile the most cost effective way to be reaching your customers?

“Mobile Marketing Strategies and Success Factors For Today’s On The Go Consumer…” 

Mobile marketing strategies – do you believe in giving your customer the choice?

You know Australia is becoming more and more mobile based, right?

The goal of a mobile marketing strategy is to engage with mobile messages, that’s it, end of story.

Mobile marketing is all about the experience, understanding where and how customers will be seeing your message.

Mobile marketing strategies opens up additional possibilities for more sales, don’t you think?

Take a look at the whole mobile marketing picture, chances are your business grows more rapidly.

By improving marketing from all sides, you’re able to better deal with any competitors.

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Mobile technology appears complex yet consumers haven’t really changed.

In terms of information or ads people still get the same type of content from media channels like newspapers, radio or television:

  • Visible: Findable via all search channels, optimised for all desktop and mobile platforms
  • Useful: Focusing on content which is contextually relevant in time, place and situation
  • Useable: Easy to navigate, consume and share on consumer’s platform of choice
  • Desirable: Content worthy of saving, sharing and revisiting over and over again
  • Engaged: User experience driven, tangible and accessible, engagement on an emotional level

In Australia, over 54% of Australians aged between 15 and 64 years own a smartphone.

Over 30 million voice or data subscriptions in use…

It’s very clear why many Australian businesses want to hop on the mobile marketing bandwagon.

So the question is are you lagging behind the competition?

How can your business optimise a mobile marketing strategy successfully?

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